Welcome Food Trucker!

As the popularity of food trucks increases, so does the competition. With so many tasty options hitting the streets, how do you stand out from the crowd? Start by building a strong food truck brand.

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A strong brand will help you capture attention, attract new business, and build customer loyalty.

I’ve helped numerous food trucks, food truck events, and food truck organizations look their best and win loyal followers with strong branding. I’d like to share with you one of the tools I use to help truck owners define and clarify their brand.

The Smart Brand Flight Plan™ for Food Trucks is a free 40+ page workbook designed to help you uncover and clarify your food truck brand including:

  • Defining your mission and vision
  • Clarifying your unique value and competitive advantage
  • Establishing your positioning
  • Focusing on your “one thing”
  • Evaluating the strength of your name
  • Performing SWOT analysis
  • Defining your brand personality and archetype
  • Performing competitor analysis
  • Identifying key touchpoints
  • and more…

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