Food Truck Branding

You’re a Food Truck owner because you love food and you love the satisfying smile that comes over your customer’s face when they take their first bite of your amazing food.

The challenge is attracting new customers and effectively communicating your unique difference before they place their order.

With the popularity of food trucks on the rise, so too comes increased competition. Today, customers have more food truck options to choose from than ever before.

If you're launching a food truck business, serving great tasting food is just the start. To be successful, you need to develop a strong brand that customers know, like, and trust.

When your brand is likable, followers will go out of their way to find you on the streets. Without a strong brand, you're simply selling food most people could buy at a regular brick-and-mortar restaurant.

From your logo and truck graphics to your website and social media pages, your food truck's brand identity must be engaging, relevant, and consistent.

This is where Rocketman Creative can help.

Free Food Truck Branding Workbook

Food Truck Branding Smart Brand Flight Plan

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Why Choose Rocketman Creative?

I've had the good fortune to work with many passionate, talented, and driven food truck owners. Watching food truck businesses thrive thanks in part to my contribution is what fuels me. Rocketman Creative has also received industry recognition for successful food truck branding projects.

Food Truck Branding Interview with Pat Flynn on

In this second episode of FoodTruckr School, I chat with Pat Flynn about working with food trucks new and old to establish their identity and focus their branding efforts for maximum impact.

Wall Street Journal Features Food Truck Design

August 9, 2012: Boston's Baddest Burger is featured in the Small Business Section of The Wall Street Journal. Rocketman Creative has designed the logo identity, vehicle wrap design, website, social media branding, signage, print collateral, and apparel for this Boston favorite.

Read full article at WSJ

Food Truck Association Logo Published In Logo Design Annual

Boston Food Truck Alliance Logo by Rocketman Creative Published in Logo Lounge 8

The Boston Food Truck Alliance logo identity is selected for publication in Logo Lounge 8.

The LogoLounge design annuals showcase the work of the world’s top designers as judged by an elite group of name-brand designers. The book contains over 2,000 selected logos from over 35,000 submitted.

Food Truck Branding Services

Rocketman Creative has helped food truck owners just like you succeed with a number of food truck branding services. To learn more about each service, please click the links below.

Food Truck Logo Design

The unique DNA of your food truck brand is greater than your logo or tagline alone. However, your logo puts a face on your brand and is the central, identifiable visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember your brand.

Food Truck Logo Design by Rocketman Creative

Food Truck Wrap Design

A successful food truck wrap design helps tell your unique story and express your food truck brand's personality. The best vehicle graphics also turn heads, excite the senses, boost awareness, and grow your business.

Food Truck Wrap Design by Rocketman Creative

Food Truck Website Design

Your food truck website design is more than your brand presence online. It is the home of critical content, such as your location schedule and sample menu. It is also the hub of your social media channels and a place for your fans to interact and share their comments.

Food Truck Website Design by Rocketman Creative

Food Truck Social Media Branding

Food truck social media branding extends your unique brand identity into you social media channels. Often, these channels are the primary communication tool for you to engage with your fans. Presenting a professional, unified, and consistent image across your social media channels builds customer trust and loyalty.

Food Truck Social Media Branding by Rocketman Creative

Food Truck Marketing Materials

Personal interaction with customers creates interest in and connection with your mobile food business. Handing out food truck marketing materials, such as flyers, menus and coupons is a great way to promote your food truck business and build customer loyalty.

Food Truck Print Collateral by Rocketman Creative

Food Truck Signage

Complementing the digital channels, printed food truck signage helps you promote and advertise your food truck or event on the streets and out in the wild.

Food Truck Signage by Rocketman Creative

Food Truck Apparel Design

Food truck apparel, such as T-shirts, aprons, and hats emblazoned with your food truck brand can serve as a hip, casual uniform. Additionally, your loyal fans may want a souvenir to show their foodie love and truck pride.

Food Truck Apparel Design by Rocketman Creative

Ready to elevate your food truck brand?

Rocketman Creative has helped food trucks across the nation discover, strengthen, and advance their unique brand identity. Now it's your turn.